TOOL4YOUTH Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership Project
Project No: 2021-2-PT02-KA220-YOU-000048125
Duration: 1/03/2022 - 29/02/2024 (24 months)

Description of the project

TOOL4YOUTH project, involving 5 partner countries, focuses on the idea that young people should improve their media literacy. The main target group in terms of end users are young people, especially those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. At the same time, the benefits of the project go beyond the young people directly participating in the training, as it provides a platform for the expression of views of excluded societies in the participating countries and aims to promote tolerance and solidarity between cultures and empower young Europeans to be active, participative citizens, benefiting the community at large. During the project period, the partners will develop an innovative method to empower young people to address media literacy issues, search for solutions and take action to combat fake news

Project aims

The main expected outcomes of the project are the young people's increased self-development skills and their understanding of the need for media literacy, and the enhanced skills of the carers. The project will not only increase their knowledge of media literacy and equip them with new skills that will help them express themselves and identify Fake News around them in a critical and constructive way in real life, but it will also improve their analytical, personal and intercultural skills and most importantly their self-confidence and mutual respect. The project will help young people across Europe to have an impactful experience that will make them European citizens aware of infodemics. The project will: - Strengthen the capacity of youth workers and youth organizations in working with/for media literacy. - improve their personal skills and make them more open-minded - Promote active citizenship among 21st century youth, such as problem solving, active agency, self-expression, creativity,etc.

Project outcomes

The tangible outcomes will be:
- Toolkit - comic about infodemics (aiming to show how infodemics affect us and promote media literacy among young people).
- Website with peer-to-peer activities and scenarios on infodemic impact from LTT1.
- Facebook, Instagram group
- Logo of the project